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Wire Train in 1985
Photo: Koos Fasel

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  • Pete Cole has kindly supplied me with some fabulous live shots of the band at London's Borderline Club in Sept '92 - see them now on the gallery page.
  • Kevin has recently been working with a band called Goudie, co-writing songs and other stuff. You can visit the band at, and if you're lucky you might be able to listen to one of the songs Kevin worked on.
  • Jeff's web site is up and running, and looking really cool too. Find out more at
  • Looks like the new Simple Minds album (Our Secrets Are The Same) might be released on October 9th. According to Jim Kerr, in an interview published on, Kevin Hunter "played a bit of guitar and contributed to the writing. More than a couple [of the songs featuring Kevins involvement] ended up being quite the centerpiece of the record."
  • More Lifers info - the gallery page has a flyer for a Lifers gig at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, date unknown (thanks again to Dan Garcia).
  • Finally got some information together on Jeff's pre-Wire Train band, The Lifers - read all about them. My thanks to Daniel Garcia for the information.
  • Site's been tidied up a bit - also new interview on the archive page (Carole Linfield) from 1987. Enjoy !
NEWS AND UPDATES, 7 May 2000 NEWS AND UPDATES, 14 April 2000
  • Lucky enough to hook up with Kevin again recently, seems like he's been been working with some new artists since the beginning of the year, including The Grand Street Cryers, Brown Betty, Robin Wiley, Jackie Bristow and Leah Andrione. Seems like he's also been doing some writing with Brian and Anders (seperately), the song co-written with Anders is called Johanna's Dream.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 19 March 2000
  • As promised, brand new paged added - In The Vaults. Get the low-down on Snug and much more.
  • The Simple Minds album that Kevin was involved in last year still does not appear to have a scheduled release date (or title). Best guess I've seen at this point is probably early summer 2000.
  • has been registered for some time now, but the site is currently being put together. Might be worth making a mental note to pop back there some time later.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 19 February 2000
  • Complete re-write of the entire site. Frames are gone, but you will need a Javascript enabled browser to see the menu, just to your left. Style sheet(s) used throughout.
  • Next posting will feature a page on unreleased Wire Train tracks - "In the Vaults".
NEWS AND UPDATES, 28 December 1999
  • Major revamp of the music page. Also added 17 Spooks as one of the transcriptions.
  • I'd like to wish all our visitors a happy, prosperous and healthy new millennium. Thank you for dropping by, and please tell your friends!
NEWS AND UPDATES, 27 November 1999
  • Managed to touch base with Kevin recently - he's just finished working with a Crave-Epic artist by the name of Jacqueline Siebert and with a band called Black Lab (on Interscope records), and is about to wrap up a score for a film called 'The Gold Cup' (directed by Lucas Reiner [Rob Reiner's brother, Carl Reiners son]). After that there's another film score in the pipeline, for a movie called 'Getting a Life' starring Gabrielle Anwar and Lisa Loeb.
  • I've just added a guest book, so please visit it and say something nice !
  • Chris Knab, co founder (with Howie Klein) of 415 Records, has his own company advising artists on the music business. Visit FourFront Media and Music for more information.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 7 November 1999
  • We now have a domain name !! Adjust your bookmarks to Much easier than the old URL.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 30 October 1999
  • Fantastic interview with Kevin taken from The BOB magazine, circa 1984, just added.
  • Found an interesting history of 415 Records recently, written by Daniel Levitin.
  • Started to use style sheets a bit more, not all of the site is covered yet though.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 26 September 1999 NEWS AND UPDATES, 12 September 1999 NEWS AND UPDATES, 05 September 1999
  • Had an e-mail from Jeffrey - apparently he's forsaken touring for the time being to concentrate on producing. There's also the possibility of a solo record in the pipeline. On the production front he has worked on the latest release by Jeremy Toback (formerly of Brad [Pearl Jam offshoot]), Another True Fiction, co-producing, playing guitar and co-writing the opening track Will I Find You. Also, he is currently producing tracks for Don DiLego (a young artist from New York City), and has been asked to co-write and co-produce the next Sheryl Crow record.
  • New page added, Links & Credits.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 29 August 1999 NEWS AND UPDATES, 21 August 1999
  • I've just changed the site to use frames - hopefully the navigation will be a bit easier this way.
  • Had some news come in recently about Kevin's acting career. Seems like he's been in one or two movies over the years. More details on the solo page. My thanks to Donna DeChristopher for the information.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 25 July 1999
  • Kevin is earmarked as one of the producers (with Charlie Burchill) of the next Simple Minds album, for completion around October '99. Probable release date - early next year. He spent the early part of summer working on demos with Jim Kerr and Charlie.
  • Sad to report the recent demise of Bay Area Magazine , one of San Francisco's longest running music / arts freebie magazines. B.A.M. had featured Wire Train several times (see the Archive page), and ran an annual music award called the BAMMIES (where Wire Train were once runners up).
  • Recently released here in the UK, Jewel's new single Down So Long features Brian on drums.
  • Jeff and Sheryl Crow won an award in 1998 for songwriting (from the BMI) - I'll be getting some information together on that sometime (really !!).