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Wire Train in 1985
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NEWS AND UPDATES, 21st Dec 2009
  • Added some video links here.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 05th Aug 2009
  • Third reunion show added,, at The Blank Club, San Josed on Sept 4th. More details here.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 05th Jul 2009
  • Second reunion show added,, at the Knitting Factory, Hollywood on Sept 3rd. More details here.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 20th May 2009
  • Wire Train play another reunion show, alongside former label mates Translator, at Slim's in San Francisco on 5th Sep 2009. More details here.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 5th Apr 2009
  • Snug is available officially for the first time, for download at least. The album can be downloaded from the iTunes store, or via Amazon. See the home page for full details.

  • Listen to Wire Train live at Blondies in Atlantic City NJ, 1984 - the original line up caught live by the King Biscuit Flower Hour, streaming now over at Wolfgangs Vault. These are the original tapes from the KBFH transcription disk thats been around for years, but without the DJ or the canned applause, and with an extra cut, "Slow Down".
NEWS AND UPDATES, 29th Aug 2006
  • Long time, no update! Pete Cole has put together a MySpace presence for Wire Train, lots of rare videos available and the chance to network with other fans too. Check it out at

    And, while we're on the subject of MySpace, one of Kevin's latest musical collaborations Bella Nova also has a MySpace presence at

NEWS AND UPDATES, 18th Jul 2004
  • Got an e-mail from Federico with some news of what he's been doing over the last few years, if you head on over to the solo page you'll find out a lot more.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 14th Feb 2004 NEWS AND UPDATES, 28th Jul 2003
  • A song written and sung by Kevin, Taking You With Me, appears on an album called Center Of Six by the late Josh Clayton-Felt. This album is a kind of tribute to the LA-based musician who passed away in 2000, and features songs by Josh himself and by friends he had worked with. You can find more info on this at
NEWS AND UPDATES, 18th May 2003
  • More Wire Train wallpaper, and new MP3 here.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 18th Apr 2003
  • Some Wire Train wallpaper to brighten up your desktops here.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 10th Feb 2003
  • Managed to get a few photos from the reunion show after-show party, thanks once again to Paul Clunie for these. You'll find them on the gallery page. There's a Wire Train Yahoo group that's started up recently at - head on over and sign up. Some new MP3's on the audio page.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 18th Jan 2003
  • Sounds like the reunion show was a major league success - the set list was (roughly) :
    Stone Me, How Many More Times, Superstar, 17 Spooks, Tin Jesus, Down, Last Perfect Thing, Chamber of Hellos, I Gotta Go, followed by an encore of Yeah Yeah Yeah & Crashing Back To You. The whole show was filmed, including rehearsals. At the aftershow party there was talk about possibly trying to get Snug released properly, maybe remixing it and shifting the tracks around a little. Seems also that Kevin has a new band, and is trying to find a deal for them at the moment.

    More news when I get it, and my thanks to the globe-trotting Paul Clunie for the information above.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 6th Dec 2002
  • Some totally amazing news - Wire Train are reforming for a one-off show at LA's Whisky on Sunset (venue change) on January 13 2003. This is being recorded for VH1, as part of their "Bands Reunited" series.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 3rd Apr 2002
  • Lots of bits-and-pieces - heard from Kevin, seems like Jeff and Anders both became Dads recently, so many congratulations to them both! Kevin himself has been busy (on a different vein), a couple of his songs appear on Shannon McNallys new album and a couple on Louise Goffins, an album he co-wrote and produced with Erikah Karst should be out soon, and he has been working with Jim Kerr on his (JK's) solo record.
  • The Simple Minds album that disappeared a couple of years ago may yet see the light of day, as the legal issues surrounding it are gradually being resolved. In the meantime, Kevin has co-written two tracks on the Minds latest release Cry (Slave Nation and Disconnect). Finally, Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate sing one of Kevin's song's (Too Big) in the forthcoming movie The Sweetest Thing.
  • Head on over to the links page - I actually found some information about one of Kevin's earliest bands The Snot Puppies, and some links to Jeff's recent activities (2002 Sundance Festival appearance back in January) and (finally!) some detailed information on Dig Up The Astroturf.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 17th Feb 2002
  • MP3's disappeared, but are back again. Some new rips, and one track from what I believe to be Wire Train's debut live show from Oct '82. Few small updates here and there.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 23rd Dec 2001
  • Long time no see - Jeff's album looks like being released some time in February next year. It will be a DTS release. Some of you may know this already, but for a few months now Jeff has had a Monday night residency at Club Ohm in Portland, Oregon. This is continuing up to the end of the year, and may well be going into 2002. The band includes Jeff with James Beaton, Jeff Anthony and Keith Schreiner.
  • I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy 2002. Stay tuned for more news as I get it.
NEWS AND UPDATES, 21st Jul 2001
  • Great news from Jeffrey - his debut album Dig Up The Astroturf is ready for a September 2001 release ("Sort of an electronicky sounding thing"). Also, the new improved flash-driven version of his website is up and running at This is a seriously cool web site, fantastic design, you can even change the way it looks!
  • Jeff is now part of California-based New Music Web. Keep an eye on their excellent site, too.
  • Had to (temporarily) shut down the MP3 links - iDrive have closed their free storage facility. Am on the lookout for another location, so hope to have them back soon.
  • More MP3's added (two tracks from Snug). More to come. Details on the audio page.
  • Had some interesting news from Jeffrey - his web site is due to be taken over by a new company called Media Temple, and "they are going to make it look and work better". His new album should be finished by the time you read this, he described it to me as having "a little more atmosphere and electronica kinda thang". Also, he's putting a band together for some live shows this year, so watch this space for more info.
  • Finally got some MP3's available ! There's a new audio page with details of how to get them, so go enjoy ! At the moment there are just a couple of rare (live) tracks to download, but as long as I don't get my ass sued by anybody I'll look at adding more soon.
  • Older news items moved from this page to their own page.
  • The Simple Minds album featuring Kevin is somewhat in limbo - late last year the Minds were dropped by their record label, leaving the future of the album uncertain. Parts of it have been broadcast on a Spanish radio station, and there may well be some MP3's floating about if you look hard enough.
  • Need to get back into the groove a bit - been working hard on another site recently. There's a new review on the archive page of 1990's Wire Train album (Melody Maker), and I've added a few bits to the discography page.
  • For older news items, go here.
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