The Last Perfect Thing Wire Train music page.
  Transcriptions by: Paul Phillips © 1999,2000 
Music copyright belongs to authors and publishers indicated.

Photo: Jim Marshall

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From this page there is access to detailed transcriptions of segments of some of Wire Train's songs. I've decided to seperate out the actual transcriptions from this page to speed up load time (some are fairly big).

So; what you will find is key guitar and bass riffs laid out in standard musical notation, alongside chord shapes and the occasional lyrics. I've used two packages to create the transcriptions - first off, Shes On Fire and Skills Of Summer were written using Noteworthy Composer. Everything else was created using the excellent MusEdit package.

Click below on the thumbnails to open up the transcriptions. Enjoy !

There are two transcriptions here for "Chamber of Hellos". The first, shown here on the left, is the main guitar and bass riff that opens the song and comes in again before the second verse. Where you see more than one note on a stem, this means that these notes should be alternated each time the phrase is repeated (the number 4 at the far right of the stave shows how many times the phrase is actually played). Played fast and very fluidly in standard tuning. Includes tab. Size - approx 50kb.
The second "Chamber..." transcription shows the arpeggiated guitar section that actually opens the track. This is not in standard tuning. Includes tab. Size - approx 57kb.
This is the opening guitar break of She's On Fire, right after the bass/snare drum intro. It's a similar speed to Chamber of Hellos, but this phrase is only repeated twice. Contains the guitar and bass lines. No tab. Size - approx 39kb.
Another opening guitar break, for Skills of Summer. The chords shown are the basic underlying chords, and the bass line is actually played an octave above that written. No tab. Size - approx 23kb.
This is the opening for Like. It's a nice, simple riff that flows really smoothly and can be played (mainly) with just two fingers on the left hand. Add plenty of chorus pedal - includes tab and chord diagrams. Size - approx 38kb.
The introduction for Should She Cry - the acoustic guitar and "picked" electric riff, just before the vocals come in. Includes tab and chord diagrams. Size - approx 44kb.
17 Spooks - intro, first verse and chorus. Includes lyrics, chord diagrams and vocal line. Size - approx 112kb.

Everything reproduced without permission - © respective holders indicated.