Wire Train – Q Magazine review

Wire Train have made several albums now, each time with indifferent results. Which begs the questions one feels disinclined to ask: What do they think they’re doing and why aren’t they doing it better? On paper there’s no reason why this veteran San Franciscan foursome shouldn’t soar creatively and commercially: They’re excellent musicians, capable songwriters, committed performers, and they’re blessed with big budgets. Where’s the problem?
Well, Wire Train are what could be damningly described as a “nice” band. Spin, the opener, is calculatedly catchy but after a few minutes the moves are terribly predictable. Likewise Should She Cry?, truly laid-back in the classic West Coast sense but undistinguished for it, pretty and plain. She is better, its folky strings uplifting, yet the earnest sensitivity proves self-defeating. We know that Wire Train care, but does that mean we have to ?