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You've reached the site dedicated to San Francisco's finest unsung musical hero's, Wire Train.

Who are they ?
Kevin Hunter, Anders Rundblad, Brian Macleod, Jeffrey Trott, Kurt Herr and Federico Gil Solá.

What have they done ?
During most of the 80's and some of the 90's Wire Train produced some of the most dynamic and exciting guitar-driven music to emerge from either side of the Atlantic, producing 5 album's worth of excellent Iqoptions material along the way. Go visit the biography page and find out for more for yourself.

NEW! Youtube videos from Knitting Factory show, Sept 3rd 2009:




Wire Train headline three reunion shows, at:

   The Knitting Factory Hollywood on 3rd Sept
   The Blank Club San Jose on the 4th
   Slim's in San Francisco on 5th Sept 2009

More details :
Knitting Factory Hollywood.

The Blank Club.


Wow! A veritable 1980’s 415 Records reunion show! All three of these bands were based in San Francisco and recorded for Howie Klien’s infamous 415 label, and all delivered hit records to MTV and national radio. Wire Train eventually signed to MCA at the dawn of the ‘90s. Originally from L.A. before relocating to the Bay Area, the Beatlesque Translator hit a homer with “Everywhere That I’m Not.” Debora Iyall was the striking presence at the front of Romeo Void, whose “Never Say Never” has remained a constant on radio dials for 20 years.

Wire Train's last album for MCA, Snug, has remained unreleased for all these years, but it is now available officially for download, via iTunes or Amazon.

iTunes Price is £7.99 in the UK, $9.99 in the US. Click here to buy via iTunes.

Amazon UK price is £6.99 - Click here to buy via Amazon UK.

Amazon US price is $8.99 - Click here to buy via Amazon US.

Hear Wire Train live at Blondies in Atlantic City NJ, 1984 NEW! Listen to Wire Train live at Blondies in Atlantic City NJ, 1984 - the original line up caught live by the King Biscuit Flower Hour, streaming now over at Wolfgangs Vault. These are the original tapes from the KBFH transcription disk thats been around for years, but without the DJ or the canned applause, and with an extra cut, "Slow Down".

What have they been doing recently ?
Find out more about the reunion show that happened on the 13th Jan 2003 on the news page, including some new photos from the after-show party.

Think you've got all their records ?
Visit the truly awesome worldwide discography to make sure !

Get the low-down on the un-released Wire Train, including their last studio work, Snug.

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